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Friday, June 16, 2017

ATTENTION COLON CANCER Patients: DUHAT (Java Plum) Should Be Your FAVORITE Fruit + 7 More Benefits of This Black Super Fruit

Have you heard of the duhat fruit? It is called black plum or Java plum in other countries. This black, small, sweet, sour and astringent fruit is widely available in Southeast Asia. It is green when unripe and turns into red, red-black and fill black when ripe. It easily falls off when ripe so you get the sweetest fruits on the ground.

It is very common in the Philippines, Malaysia and Indonesia; but very few people know about its amazing health benefits. Did you know that its deep, jet-black color is an indicator that it is rich in iron and antioxidants? These minerals are essential for fighting cancer cells. No wonder eating duhat fruit on an empty stomach is recommended for cancer patients.

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Learn more about the seven amazing health benefits of duhat fruit. If you see these fruits on sale at your local market, make sure to buy and bring home these super fruit.

7 Amazing health benefits of duhat (Java plum)

#1: Good source of iron
Duhat gets its deep red color from the iron mineral content inherent in the fruit. It is also a good source of calcium. Regular consumption can help build strong bones and muscles.

#2: Organic by-products
If you want organic vinegar and fresh jams, the Java plum’s unripe fruit can be fermented to make vinegar. Others also make wine and homemade jams from the ripe duhat fruits.

#3: Natural antibiotics
The bark of the duhat tree has 19 percent garlic acid. Tannin is used for cleansing and protecting the kidneys. It also has antiviral, antibacterial and antiparasitic effects. It can help expel intestinal worms, too.

#4: Diabetes health
In India, diabetic patients are encouraged to eat duhat fruit. It helped them reduce blood sugar levels.

#5: Promotes healthy digestion
Drinking tea from boiled bark of duhat tree can help cure dysentery, diarrhea, enema and ulcers. Dried and powdered roots can also the same medicinal benefit.

#6: Relieves indigestion
Leaf and bark juice of the duhat tree can help in expelling gas from the stomach or intestines so as to relieve flatulence or abdominal pain or distension

#7: Soothes skin irritation
Leaf extract can be made into a poultice and used as medical dressing. Apply poultice to the affected area. It helps treat inflammation and improve circulation.

If you eat duhat fruit, it will leave a mixture of violet and blue stain on your teeth, gums and tongue. Do not worry, the stain will wear off; but the health benefits will remain and keep your body stronger and healthier.
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Recent studies on the benefits of duhat

In a 2016 study led by Venkata Charepalli, the authors found that duhat fruit can help cure early stages of colon cancer. The study is entitled “Eugenia jambolana (Java Plum) Fruit Extract Exhibits Anti-Cancer Activity against Early Stage Human HCT-116 Colon Cancer Cells and Colon Cancer Stem Cells.”

“Bioactive compounds in duhat such as anthocyanins have shown potent anti-cancer effects. It selectively inhibit the growth of cancer cells with relatively little or no effect on the growth of normal cells,” Charepalli wrote. “It clearly demonstrated anti-cancer properties not only against the early stage human colon cancer cells but also induced apoptosis and inhibited self-renewal ability.”

In another study published by Roja Vilar in February 2016, duhat extract has the ability to inhibit the growth of E.coli, due to its inherent antibacterial properties. The study is entitled “Antibacterial Activity of Duhat Leaves Extract Against Escherichia Coli”.

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