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Thursday, June 29, 2017

DO NOT IGNORE: 8 Most Common Signs Of MOUTH CANCER - #3 Can Happen To You and Me, PLEASE BE AWARE!

Many people think that only smokers can have mouth cancer or oral cancer. However, it has been observed that even non-smokers can develop this type of cancer. Meaning, you and I are at risk of developing oral cancer. But, don’t be scared.

Mouth cancer occurs when a tumor develops in the lining of the mouth. It can be found on the surface of the tongue, inside of the cheeks, roof of the mouth (palate) or the lips or gums.
via Natural Health News
In some cases, the tumor develops in the salivary glands, the tonsils at the back of the mouth, and the part of the throat that connects the mouth to the windpipe (pharynx). These are less common conditions but there are recorded cases.

Most types of cancer have observable symptoms. Some patients often ignore these signs and dismiss them as just a typical illness. However, if you are really in tune with your body, you will find that unusual symptoms can lead to early diagnosis of cancer. As a result, the survival rate is higher if you can detect early signs of cancer and address it.

8 Mouth cancer signs we often ignore

Here are the eight most common symptoms of mouth cancer that people always ignore.

1. Loose Teeth

Your teeth may feel quite jiggly. A doctor's advice is needed to confirm if this is caused by cancer.

2. Lumps and Thick Patches

Lumps and thick patches of the skin inside the mouth is a sign of developing cancer.  Bubbles and ridges, or calluses can also form in your tongue.

3. Sores on/in your Mouth

These are commonly white or red flat, painless patches in the inside flesh of your mouth. They don't usually hurt but may bleed unknowingly. When you got sores that last for more than three weeks, consult your doctor.

4. Trouble Moving your Jaw

Jaw pain is a usual symptom but when it is accompanied by swelling and your teeth feels like not fitting together properly.

5. Lump in your Throat

A lump in your throat, also known as “globules sensation” is the feeling of having something that stays in your throat that you cannot swallow. Swallowing, oftentimes, becomes hard.

But you must take note that this may not always be a plain sensation but a real mass that blocks your throat.

6. Thick or Slurred Speech

Your voice may suddenly become guttural or scratchy. This indicates a problem in your tongue or lips.

7. Pain in one Ear

You may feel pain in one of your ears might be a sign of developing cancer in your mouth. Your ears notice the pain in your mouth for it has a nerve that communicates with the back of the tongue.

8. Numbness in your Mouth or Tongue

The numbness in your mouth indicates loss of sensation in just one part of your mouth such as the cheek of the tip of your tongue or loss of the sense of taste.

A patch of abnormal cells may have interrupted nerve signals. Numbness may be felt when you feel like drooling or difficulty in chewing.

How to prevent mouth cancer?

Smoking and excessive alcohol drink are the two most common culprits of oral cancer. According to NHS UK, the three most effective ways of preventing mouth cancer developing, or preventing it coming back after successful treatment, are:
  • not smoking
  • ensuring you don't drink more than the recommended weekly limits for alcohol
  • eating a healthy, Mediterranean-style diet that includes plenty of fresh vegetables – particularly tomatoes – and citrus fruits, olive oil and fish
The NHS also recommends you drink no more than 14 units of alcohol a week. If you drink as much as 14 units a week, it's best to spread it evenly over three or more days.

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