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Thursday, June 29, 2017

NEED TO KNOW: 10 Signs That There Are DEADLY PARASITES In Your Body - #2 and #3 Are So Common We Often Ignore This – How To Get Rid Off Parasites

Did you know that parasites could be living in your body right now? If you don’t get rid of them soon, these parasites will slowly take over your body systems and kill you slowly. Parasites are worse than virus and bacteria. Why? We have antibiotics and vaccines to ward off bacteria and virus when they enter the body. But we don’t have one kind of medicine to kill these deadly parasites.

At one point in our life, each one of us had a problem with parasites. Sadly, parasites live anywhere and we can get them from day-to-day habits like eating, taking a bath and drinking.
Where do parasites come from?

The truth is that parasites are part of our ecosystem. Meaning, these grim creatures are everywhere. Parasites can linger unseen in many places, but the most common reason for their infestation is poor hygienic practices. This can start and be spread through:
  • Poorly sanitized food and water
  • Poor personal hygiene
  • Foreign travel (food, water, and environment)
  • Pets (not properly dewormed on a regular basis)
  • Insects
  • Unsafe sexual intercourse
10 Signs that parasites are living inside you
  1. Fatigue, exhaustion, depression, or feeling of apathy frequently.
  2. Diarrhea. Parasites generally attack the lining of the intestines which leads to a variety of abdominal problems prevail in distressing regularity
  3. Skin problems: dry skin, eczema, rashes, hives, papular lesions, and sores.
  4. Mood and anxiety problems such as mood swings, nervousness, depression, forgetfulness, restlessness, and anxiety
  5. Sleep problems such as insomnia, teeth grinding during sleep, bedwetting and disturbed sleep.
  6. Weight and appetite problems like weight gain, long-standing obesity, loss of appetite or uncontrollable hunger and inability to gain or lose weight.
  7. Muscle and joint problems, including muscle pain, joint pain, muscle cramping, numbness of hands and/or feet, pain in the navel, heart pain and arthritic pain.
  8. Diagnosis of iron-deficiency anemia
  9. Reproductive problems, PMS, urinary tract infections, cysts and fibroids, menstrual problems, prostate problems and water retention.
  10. Irritable Bowel Syndrome. Irritable bowel syndrome one of the more common signs of parasites in the body. Intestinal parasites fix themselves to the walls of the intestines which leads to inflammation of the area.
via Health Awareness For All
How to get rid off parasites?

The key to removing parasites is to consume food and herbs that facilitate a hostile environment for them rather than a hospitable one.

Things to consider when removing parasites include raw garlic, red onion, coconut oil, pumpkin seeds, coconut kefir, fermented vegetables, apple cider vinegar, aloe vera, black walnut, cloves, barberry, goldenseal, Oregon grape root, pau d'arco, sangre de drago, oregano oil, wormwood, rosemary and thyme.

Also do your best to eliminate all sugar, grains, dairy, coffee, and alcohol for a period of at least 30 days to ensure that you are not feeding any parasites while you are consuming copious amounts of the different foods and herbs recommended.

This will give your body the most power to eliminate parasites; if you create the right intestinal ecology over a period of time, it will make it extremely difficult for you to ever become a host to parasites again.

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