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Tuesday, June 27, 2017

SMART EATING HABITS: 9 Easy Tips To Lose Weight - #1 and #7 Are Our Favorite

Can you eat the food you love and never get fat? It may be an absurd question but most of us would want it to happen. You want to eat cheeseburger, but you fear that you will put on additional calories. You crave for pizza after long day’s work, but you are afraid of the calories. You want to dig into a slab of succulent baby back ribs, but you do not have time to go the gym this week. The struggle is real.

However, health experts agree that smart choices and lifestyle changes can help you maintain an ideal weight and still enjoy the foods you love. How?

Here are some smart eating habits you can try to help you lose weight and maintain your ideal weight without depriving yourself.
via Weight Loss Resources
Smart eating habits

#1: Allot enough time to eat.

Do you gobble down food in just 10  minutes? It may sound fast and amazing but fast eating is unhealthy. Learn to chew your food well and eat slowly. The recommended time is about 20-30 minutes. This trick allows your brain to signal your body that you have eaten enough.

#2: Put the spoon (fork) down when your mouth is full.

You can stretch out your eating process by putting down your utensils when your mouth is still busy. This way, you are not tempted to take another bite unless you have chewed the food well.

#3: Put some nice, slow music.

This sets the ambiance to keep you calm and relaxed. No need to rush up and shove the food to your mouth. Cherish every bite and savor your meals.

#4: Chew more

Brian Wansink, PhD who runs the Food and Brand Lab at Cornell University, found that normal-weight people chew each bite an average of 15 times while overweight people chomp 12 times.

#5: Use smaller plates

Choose a 10-inch plate for your use. This helps you manage the size of your meal. If you have a bigger plate, you tend to fill it up with food. Smaller plates allow you to minimize your food intake.

#6: Use smaller spoons.

Ice cream is one of the foods dieters miss most. But you don’t have to give it up in order to lose weight. Study participants given 2-ounce spoons by Wansink ate 14.5 percent less ice cream than those handed 3-ounce spoons. When a smaller spoon was combined with a smaller bowl, people ate 57 percent less ice cream overall. This strategy holds true for soups, chili, and stews as well.

#7: Use vanilla-scent in your kitchen.

According to studies, the smell of vanilla can satiate a dessert craving. If you light up a vanilla-scented candle or use vanilla patches around your home, you can reduce the amount of dessert cravings in your household.

#8: Use a fork for salads.

Instead of slathering your healthful salad with fatty dressing, pour it into a small cup first, then dip your fork and spear some lettuce. This not only reduces your calorie intake (without sacrificing taste), but it also puts the brakes on high-speed gobbling.

#9: Drink water before a meal.

Water can decrease appetite. Drink a glass of water 15 minutes before you eat. It curbs your appetite and aids digestion, too.

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