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Saturday, June 10, 2017

Top 15 Cancer Signs That You Might Have But You Just Ignored

One of the most feared disease in the medical history is cancer. It comes in various types and surely is one big of a killer.

And if your family happen to have a history of this bad boy, then you should be extra careful of your health and lifestyle. Besides that, you also have to be very keen and aware on this subtle yet obvious symptoms in your body.
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You should visit your doctor regularly and discuss any strange things happening in your body so that in any worse case, you can apply preventive measures.

Although unfortunately, some people still fail to detect any of the symptoms of cancer.

Yes, our cancer industry have sent awareness to the public. Conducting symposiums to different places but they only discuss several types of cancers, causing us to miss the signs the signs of cancer and suddenly it is all too late.

It is really, really important to know as much as possible the early signs of cancer so that we can still have time to prevent it because in this case, early detection is the best solution.

Since there are different types of cancer cells, its very symptoms vary too to what type of cancer it is and how widespread or contagious they can become. But even so, there some types of cancer which indicate the same symptoms although telling different cancer types.

Below is a very helpful knowledge regarding the different warnings your body is giving you but you choose to ignore.

Changes in Stool
Do you notice any changes in your stool size, or are you having frequent diarrhea or constipation? These are often a sign of digestive tract cancer. And of these symptoms are accompanied with constant abdominal pain, it can also be a sign of cancer.

Changes in Urination
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Have you been going to the restroom more frequent before? Have you been using it more times than the usual? And if whenever this moment comes and you encounter pain related to urinating, that could be a sign of a prostate or bladder cancer.

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Oral cancer, skin cancer, and a cancer affecting the genitals have a common symptom and that is having sores. Immediately consult your doctor if you notice any of them with you.

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Having a bloody stool or urine or coughing up blood or bloody discharge may indicate several cancer types. You should consult your doctor a.s.a.p!

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Have you observed that your new or old lump has been changing or increasing in size? You should definitely see your doctor and get that checked immediately. It can be possibly be associated with several types of cancers.

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Having indigestion seems to be just a common issue but did you know that this symptom is the most misdiagnosed symptom of cancer. But only a few of people know that this could indicate upper digestive tract cancer especially if it is accompanied by persistent stomach pain and difficulty swallowing.

Changes in Freckle or Mole
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Did the color, size, or shape of your mole or freckle change or something? Don’t just ignore it! Those changes can indicate cancer and it should be taken seriously and should be consulted to a doctor if the changes are accompanied by pain.

Unusual Hair Growth
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Yes, unusual hair growth can be a symptom of cancer too. But you don’t have to panic, because mostly these are just anything else. Still, make sure to consider consulting your doctor so that you may be able to detect if there are any problems.

Skin Changes
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Most common signs of cancer is red, yellow, or darkened skin but a skin change is not necessarily a cancer. It’s best to get professional diagnosis.

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Consistent aches like headache or back pain can indicate cancer too. Obviously, any chronic pain needs to be consulted to the doctor.

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Usually, fever is linked to the cancer to the immune system but it can also be a symptom to a cancer spreading to other body organs.

Weight Loss
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Did you lose weight without doing any exercise? And you are actually glad about it? You should start to worry too. According to The American Cancer Society, most cancer patients suffer sudden weight loss.

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A cancer to the respiratory such as throat or lung cancer gives off symptoms like chronic cough and scratchy throat. Better consult your doctor immediately if cough doesn’t subside.

Unusual Lymph Nodes
Is your lymph nodes suddenly swollen or uncomfortable? You might as well have it checked by the doctor immediately.

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It may be strange but the usual response of the immune system to cancer is having a fatigue. Some cancers causes great loss of blood which results to fatigue. See the doctor if you are experiencing chronic fatigue.

Now you know the details. Among everybody else, you know your body best. Start observing your body’s performance. Any strange or even usual changes can indicate something. Don’t just ignore. Health is your greatest wealth.
Source: World Health Guide

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